Wood Realty Group


Ron Wood, owner and CEO of the Wood Realty Group in Benson, NC, wanted to establish a brand identity to encompass the various developing divisions within his company: Residential, commercial, land and luxury realty. Fivespot Design had worked with Ron through a couple iterations of his branding, implementing logos into websites, business cards, signage, and promotional materials. The updated branding needed to play nice with other elements already being used across various platforms and mediums, as well as be able to develop into more extensive use within the various segments.

What We Did

Fivespot Design spent time with Ron talking through the necessary components of the updated branding: What to retain, what to edit out, and what new elements to include.

We landed with a logo that has several building blocks, which are able to be applied flexibly across any number of uses: websites, social, print, signage…anything! Divisions were assigned colors, represented together for cohesiveness while highlighted individually on a case-by-case basis.


Sure, we delivered great solutions for Wood Realty Group. But the best part of working with clients is the relationship we build with them during the process!

I cannot say enough about Fivespot Design’s professionalism, ability to listen, desire to uncover my needs and wants, and simply their ability to develop a product that made me happy.

-Ron Wood, Owner and CEO, Wood Realty Group