Our Process

We pride ourselves in great communication. This begins with letting our customers know the process Fivespot Design uses to tackle each project. Then we walk with you throughout the project toward ongoing WordPress website success!

Here is what our process looks like:

   Website Worksheet

We look deep to uncover what you truly hope to accomplish. This begins with an in-depth Website Worksheet and possibly an exploratory consultation. If we find your project to be a good fit, we proceed. If not, we can help refer you to others better suited for your project.


After we gathering all the information, we’ll organize it all into the structure — the bones — of your WordPress website. We visually frame your website using a sitemap, ensuring your site will communicate to visitors the way it was intended to.


Instead of just telling you about your website, we build a working model. You can see our solutions work right in your browser. It’s simple and rudimentary — and some might call it ugly — but it quickly gets us moving in the direction of success.


This is the really fun part! With the framework in place, we begin adding the pretty stuff. We incorporate your brand identity — logo, color palette, fonts, etc. — and bring your website to life.


Now we put a lot of effort into building out the site behind the scenes. After testing your website and polishing the design, we move the site to your hosting server. Finally, we launch your WordPress website for the whole world to see!

   Care Plan

We won’t leave you all alone. Every website needs to be cared for with checkups, updates and maintenance. Fivespot Design offers several Care Plans to keep your WordPress website running at the optimum level your business demands.