Getting Started

Fivespot Design has been privileged to work with many wonderful businesses and organizations. We find a powerful synergy with clients who are…


Clutter causes confusion and complicates both relationships and websites. Having information quickly accessible saves us all time, money, and ultimately the relationships we have with prospective clients and each other. Do you have your house in order?



There are a gazillion distractions out there. Those are on top of the bazillion already threatening your attention within your own head and heart. Being able to stay on target within your vision, mission, goals and budget lends to success. Are you locked in?



In the wild world of business, it’s easy to forget people are at the heart of it all. With the stress of bottom lines, due dates, and overflowing email inboxes, compassion toward one another often gets compromised, even justified. Are you able to treat others the way you would like to be treated?



Everyone loves to win, but not everyone has what it takes to compete and endure in order get there. Your heart is full of vitality, no matter the hill to climb. There’s no room for being lazy or half-hearted, and the word quit is unacceptable. Do you have an unshakable, never-say-die attitude?



One foot in and one foot out should be left to the hokey-pokey. You are all in, pressing forward to meet your goals with everything you’ve got. You have sacrificed much while not trampling the people around you — they are the ones you are sacrificing for and investing in. Are you ready to invest in your business?

Do these qualities describe you and your business? If so, take a look at our process or drop Fivespot a line to let us know how we can help with your website needs.